Gurriel Jr. steals home & our hearts

One of the most exciting plays in baseball is base stealing. What’s better than a base steal? Someone stealing home. That takes… Chutzpah. Especially against a pitcher who usually has “the stuff”. Well in today’s game, after the Bosox celebrated their 2018 Championship, Lourdes Gurriel Jr. spoiled the celebration with an exciting home base steal against Chris Sale.

Here is the action, in case you missed it…

As Lourdes was quoted as saying: “I just saw the challenge, the opportunity and I just went for it.”

How rare is this play in baseball? Guerriel is the first Major League player to steal home this season, and the first member of the Blue Jays to do so since Kevin Pillar achieved it on March 31, 2018, against the Yankees. Unfortunately, stealing home plate is NOT an officially recorded statistic – but to me it’s one of the most exciting things to see. Check out an incomplete list of some of the best at stealing home (unsurprisingly led by Ty Cobb)