Chris Davis and his terribly bad start to the season

Chris Davis studies his bat after a new record for a consecutive plate appearance hitless streak.

I am starting to feel bad for Chris Davis. On Thursday, he set yet another unfortunate historic mark in a loss against the Oakland Athletics. Davis, who hasn’t had a hit in his last 53 at-bats, is now hitless in last 61 plate appearances.

The new mark breaks the previously hitless record set by Tony Bernazard, who went hitless in 57 straight plate appearances in 1984. 

There are all kinds of theories being floated around. Even a writer for the Baltimore Sun posited if he should just walk away from the 92 million the Orioles owe him, because of his slump.

I’ve watched several of his most recent at-bats. It’s not like the man is striking out. He’s hitting the ball hard. He’s not striking out like he was earlier at some of the ugly pitches. Is he over payed for his current performance? Sure. However, it’s not liked he forced the Orioles to pay him such a crazy contract. It’s also not like he’s not trying. Maybe he’ll have a late start to the season and find his swing.

Thankfully it seems most Orioles fans are a bit more forgiving, and hopefully he’ll find his way back to form. Once he gets going I predict he’ll have a great streak going the other way.