Time to vote for your stars!

Vote directly on Google.

Voting has opened for this year’s All-Star game extravaganza in Cleveland this year. And it’s also got some new tweaks to this years process too.

This year, baseball has two votes: Primary and Starters election.

Here’s a quick explanation of each.

Primary: Open now through Friday, June 21 at 4. p.m. EST. This will look very much like the typical vote. Fans can pick All-Stars at each position. The top three vote getters at each spot (nine in the outfield) will then be sent along to the next round. Primary finalists will be revealed on MLB Network during the Astros-Yankees game on Friday, June 21.

Starters Election: This will be a 28-hour election used to determine the starters at each position for this year’s Midsummer Classic. Starters voting will begin at noon ET Wednesday, June 26, and end at 4 p.m. ET Thursday, June 27. Starters will be revealed at 7 p.m. ET Thursday, June 27.

Ready to get going? You have two choices vote here on MLB website or vote within Google search right here.

Bronfman announces deal for Peel Basin.


The investment firm Claridge, owned by Stephen Bronfman, and real estate developer Devimco have agreed on the development of the huge field at Peel Basin, where the Montreal Group wants to erect the Montreal Expos 2.0 stadium. According to the Canadian Press:

“Stephen Bronfman, head of the Montreal Group, a group of investors wishing to bring Major Baseball home, said he reached an agreement with developer Serge Goulet, president of Devimco.

Bronfman noted that Devimco would purchase the land from the Canada Lands Company and Claridge would act as a financial partner. The development of some 950,000 square feet will be done in partnership.”

Bronfman was quoted during an evening to honoring his father, Charles Bronfman, on the 50th anniversary of the Expos last Tuesday:

“Yes, we have an agreement. We will work together. Plans are being made. “

It wasn’t clear how long completing the purchase of the area would take, but he has hopes to make an announcement in the summer. However, Bronfman was clear that he isn’t too hung up on dates.

“We’ve moved steadily along with our development project for the site,” Bronfman said. “We’re going day-by-day.”

He said planning is underway but certain details could not be divulged.

“When the time is right, we’ll be announcing it step by step,” Bronfman said.

Not much has changed on the MLB front, but Bronfman said he isn’t worried about that either.

“I’m always positive,” he said. “It’s going slowly, but it’s going and that’s what is important.”

He’s also made it clear, he is trying to avoid doing too much press to avoid building too much hype around baseball returning to Montreal. I fear that genie is already out of the bottle for the diehards.

The talk of the town has already turned to the controversy of the new stadium planned may not have a roof. Personally I am glad to hear it. I love an open stadium and if the can do it in Minnesota, Chicago and Boston, they can do it here.

I’ve been traveling…

I travel a lot for work. Thankfully while in the road the last couple of weeks I was able to make it to Nationals Park in Washington D.C and Petco park in San Diego. Now the funny thing is while I’ve traveled a lot for work in the past, I always seemed to hit the cities when the team was not there or the season was over. Not this year.

So whole lifetime, the only two stadiums I had been too was limited to Olympics stadium and Rogers Centre, I was able to double the numbers.

The most impressive thing about these new parks is that it convinces me more than ever that Montreal will have an amazing space for baseball in the Peel Basin if it was we happens.

These two stadiums are examples of what happens when the park has been built for baseball and fans enjoyment. So many things to see, do and of course eat, for baseball and non baseball fans alike.

For both trips to the ballpark, these past two visits, I took non-baseball fans. I know they had a fantastic time and it proves to me how bad a venue Montreal suffers with for years. I only hope some good news is forthcoming as it looks to be nothing but silence inspires if rumors of a May announcement.