I’ve been traveling…

I travel a lot for work. Thankfully while in the road the last couple of weeks I was able to make it to Nationals Park in Washington D.C and Petco park in San Diego. Now the funny thing is while I’ve traveled a lot for work in the past, I always seemed to hit the cities when the team was not there or the season was over. Not this year.

So whole lifetime, the only two stadiums I had been too was limited to Olympics stadium and Rogers Centre, I was able to double the numbers.

The most impressive thing about these new parks is that it convinces me more than ever that Montreal will have an amazing space for baseball in the Peel Basin if it was we happens.

These two stadiums are examples of what happens when the park has been built for baseball and fans enjoyment. So many things to see, do and of course eat, for baseball and non baseball fans alike.

For both trips to the ballpark, these past two visits, I took non-baseball fans. I know they had a fantastic time and it proves to me how bad a venue Montreal suffers with for years. I only hope some good news is forthcoming as it looks to be nothing but silence inspires if rumors of a May announcement.