Bronfman announces deal for Peel Basin.


The investment firm Claridge, owned by Stephen Bronfman, and real estate developer Devimco have agreed on the development of the huge field at Peel Basin, where the Montreal Group wants to erect the Montreal Expos 2.0 stadium. According to the Canadian Press:

“Stephen Bronfman, head of the Montreal Group, a group of investors wishing to bring Major Baseball home, said he reached an agreement with developer Serge Goulet, president of Devimco.

Bronfman noted that Devimco would purchase the land from the Canada Lands Company and Claridge would act as a financial partner. The development of some 950,000 square feet will be done in partnership.”

Bronfman was quoted during an evening to honoring his father, Charles Bronfman, on the 50th anniversary of the Expos last Tuesday:

“Yes, we have an agreement. We will work together. Plans are being made. “

It wasn’t clear how long completing the purchase of the area would take, but he has hopes to make an announcement in the summer. However, Bronfman was clear that he isn’t too hung up on dates.

“We’ve moved steadily along with our development project for the site,” Bronfman said. “We’re going day-by-day.”

He said planning is underway but certain details could not be divulged.

“When the time is right, we’ll be announcing it step by step,” Bronfman said.

Not much has changed on the MLB front, but Bronfman said he isn’t worried about that either.

“I’m always positive,” he said. “It’s going slowly, but it’s going and that’s what is important.”

He’s also made it clear, he is trying to avoid doing too much press to avoid building too much hype around baseball returning to Montreal. I fear that genie is already out of the bottle for the diehards.

The talk of the town has already turned to the controversy of the new stadium planned may not have a roof. Personally I am glad to hear it. I love an open stadium and if the can do it in Minnesota, Chicago and Boston, they can do it here.