The 60 Game Season

Welcome to the abbreviated 2020 baseball season. The first major sports league of the big four to begin again since COVID-19 shut down all competitive sport leagues in North America (along with pretty much everything else).

The MLB stadiums are empty expect for players and essential staff, but some fans have spent $99 or more to have their cardboard likeness there. I should note that’s only for some teams. Besides the real sounds of bat meets ball, the sounds of the crowd are simulated from a video game MLB the Show 2020. For the first time in years both leagues have the same rules with the NL teams agreeing to a dedicated DH. Oh and since 1969, no MLB baseball in Canada , since the Blue Jays are still homeless rejected by the Canadian Federal government. Pittsburg doesn’t want them either. Maybe Baltimore. Maybe Buffalo. I do feel some satisfaction even though I do follow the Blue Jays, to see them feel a bit of the pain they enacted on the Montreal Expos. All they had to do was symbolically oppose the fate that has befallen them now….but I’m not bitter. Okay maybe a little, Blue Jays by default being the closest team to me, and with an exciting core of young talent is hard not to root for. Especially when the scion of one of the all time great Expos plays for them. I mean did you see that homer run out of Fenway that Vladdy smacked in the pre-season game yesterday. It was a monster.

And so tonight, our favourite game started again, in the most 2020 way. Dr Anthony Fauci, mask and all, “threw” the first pitch to open the season. Even without the fans – his nerves showed, as the pitch veered off to the side, just as poor Gary Dell’Abate at that Mets game.

Then a great game began as the Yankees, now fully recovered from the injury plagued 2019, roared back to life early. Stanton reminded us why they are called “The Bronx Bombers” with a nice home run off one of the most preeminent pitchers of this era Max Scherzer. For a small moment I forgot all the COVID-19 malarkey. t

That was until Manfred, the current commissioner of Baseball took a bow for his success in getting baseball back so quick. And once again it seems the COVID gods were not happy.

The lightning came, then the rain, effectively ending the game. The spell was broken.

But alas, not for long, the late game Giants @Dodgers starts soon and baseball is back. Huzzah!