The Montreal Baseball File Since COVID-19

Before COVID-19, the Montreal Baseball file had flared up with the idea of Montreal and Tampa sharing a team. Rumors were abound about the Montreal Baseball Group taking a minority stake in the Tampa Bay Rays, but then COVID happened. Naturally this was not a focus of anyone when the world is essentially on pause.

Nonetheless, as Baseball has returned in the USA, so has the idea of the split team. It was only natural I guess as the Rays prepared to play the Blue Jays at their home opener the topic would once again come to the fore.

In a recent live stream, the Tamp Rays team president Brian Auld was asked about the plan, as the clock ticks faster to 2028, when the lease is up for their current home. His response is not a surprise : “the discussion will return once the pandemic clears.”

Nonetheless,  the principal owner of the Rays Stuart Sternberg has not be silent on this though. Only a week ago it was reported

 The pandemic slowed but didn’t halt the work on pursuing the Montreal plan, which calls for new open-air stadiums to be built in both markets and the team to split seasons starting in 2028, if not sooner.

In this wide ranging 40-minute conversation with the Tampa Bay Times, from his New York home, Stuart Sternberg made it clear staying in Tampa was not really being even considered anymore.

From the Canadian side, Bronfman and his Montreal Baseball Group has been totally silent on the subject. His most recent action was the lovely gesture of officially licensed Expos masks to Perry Gee, founder of Expos Fest.

The masks as of now are sold out, and Perry is working to get more of them…