That Didn’t Take Long – Two Teams in COVID Nightmare

It seems the nascent season is on the precarious brink as both the Marlins and Phillies are now effectively shut down. If you have not heard, the Florida Marlins now has over 10 players infected with COVID-19.

The most concerning part of the story is the team went ahead with a game against the Phillies, Sunday, even though they probably shouldn’t. There were 4 players who had tested positive. Now the Marlins and Phillies are stuck in quarantine and an unfortunate experiment is on: how contagious is COVID-19 if one team is infected and still plays.

As much as I love baseball, it seems now that the protocols in place are not good enough, and players like Didi Gregorious, who are high risk, are literally gambling their lives to bring us the game we love. And yet, there are still who think the virus is not serious, or some left- wing conspiracy. Just look at some comments in reaction to Freddie Freeman’s battle to come back.

Also I won’t lie or be a hypocrite. I needed the distraction of baseball. For this reason, I didn’t pay that close attention to the protocols. However, I am not selfish enough to want people to risk their lives for a game. It seems now imperative that the MLB revisits their plans, and consider the bubble idea the NHL & NBA have instituted. The stadiums are empty anyway, so why does it matter to be in their home city. Now is the time to take a collective pause and rethink.

The MLB leadership needs to study what happened, make changes, make it right and protect the players. Their health and safety is more important then our entertainment.