“Get Back to the Mound Little F**ker”

In a rematch of the 2017 World Series, the Los Angeles Dodgers met with the Houston Astros, last night at Minute Maid Park. It marked the first meeting between the two teams since the sign-stealing scandal that roiled baseball for months.

Personally I was surprised how long it took for the fires of hatred to rage, and it came from the unlikely instigator Joe Kelly – who in 2017 was not even part of the Dodgers team. This did not prevent him from having a hatred for the Astros and in the sixth inning when Dodgers reliever Joe Kelly entered the game. After a couple of well paced inside pitches, he hit Bergman.

He then proceeded to purposely aim at him when throwing to first. Next up was trying to trip Brantley running out a ball slapped to infield, and Brantley spiking him. As Joe Kelly glared, one heard someone say “Hey, get back to the mound little fucker“. I guess this is the benefit of no crowds. You could hear it clearly as though the player was miked.

Next up to bat was Carlos Correa, who he pitched – let’s be honest, a bit too close for comfort, and ending up striking him out. He made the face you see above after he struck him out. Words were exchanged, and then the saddest bench clearing puffed out chest COVID-19 stare down began.

… Nothing came more of it, and the Dodgers beat the Astros 5-2.

In the end, the biggest winner of this COVID-19 Season are the Astros. They don’t need to face hostile crowds in all the other ballparks, and a story that was ripe for “baseball justice” has moved to the back burner – for now. Let’s see what happens in 2021, when hopefully things return to normal.


News this evening. Joe Kelly is now suspended 8 games for his actions last night. That’s 8 more games than any of the Astro players got for cheating. Once again, none of the Astros players were every suspended – and yet Joe Kelly has been suspended for the equivalent of 22 games in a regular season. It wasn’t right for his actions, but justice meted out has been uneven.